Giving Back

The Shakiba Foundation

The Shakiba Foundation seeks to support organizations which promote the ideas and values anchored in the Judeo-Christian worldview. These include natural law, self-evident truths, constitutional liberty, the objective identity and dignity of the human being, the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, capitalism, free enterprise, and the reality of life-changing transformation found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Our Board Members

Christina Shakiba, Trevor Shakiba, and Jane Shelby.

Our Board Members

Christina Shakiba

Christina grew up in a suburb just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin and officially saw the light by moving to Texas in 2006.  She almost immediately met her soon-to-be husband, Trevor, and instantly knew that they were going to date.  After the “longest three years ever” Trevor finally proposed and they were officially married in 2010!  They now have two wonderful kids in Tobias and Mya, and Christina spends “what little time she has” reading, studying scripture, knitting and simply having fun with her family and friends.  She is passionate about this new foundation and hopes to educate people about Jesus, abortion, the sanctity of human life, and mental health care for veterans!

Trevor Shakiba

Trevor is a graduate and board member of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, an enthusiastic reader of all things religion, philosophy and economics, and passionate about asking the big questions in life.  “What else is there really to talk about?”, he often quips.  Trevor can often be found watching YouTube videos on apologetics or lecturing both Tobias and Mya about cash flow, residual income, or the benefits of memorizing scripture!

Trevor highlights Galatians 2:20 as his life verse.

Jane Shelby

What can really be said which hasn’t already been said about Jane Shelby?  She is a fixture in the Friendswood community with her husband Steve, serving on multiple boards while being highly involved with her church, The Harbor.  Jane is a graduate of the University of Tulsa, and a supremely talented singer, who enjoys golf, reading and travel.  She has two wonderful children, Jamie and Ryan, both with incredible spouses, and five beautiful grandchildren.  She loves to laugh and quotes Romans 12: 1-2 as her life verse!

We proudly support:

Oklahoma Wesleyan University


“As an evangelical Christian university of The Wesleyan Church, OKWU models a way of thought, a way of life, and a way of faith. We are a place of serious study, honest questions, and critical engagement, all in the context of a liberal arts community that feels like family.”

Anchor Point


“Anchor Point champions the future of children by educating and empowering parents because no one is beyond hope.

Let Them Live

Let Them Live is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and connecting with women in crisis pregnancies.

“We provide women with the support they need to successfully carry their pregnancy to term.”